We’re Up And Running!

8 Nov

What happens when you put a teacher in a classroom with students old enough to be her friend or sibling?  What about when she’s from the West and they EasternYou get one wonderful mess!

This blog is dedicated to all those awesomely awkward moments that an American teacher experiences in her Korean classrooms.

Here’s a sample:


Midterms this week. Fill in the blank:
“I don’t like ____ people. They get angry easily.”

(Correct answer: short-tempered…my student’s answer: DUTCH)

Another student responded to the question: “What’s your (zodiac) sign?” with “Why are you asking me this? Are you trying to flirt with me?! Are you interested in me? Haha it is just kidding, I’m a Leo, what’s yours?”

Ahhh how I love a little humor to keep me going when grading about 200 tests…

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