Private Parts Not So Private

13 Nov

“Soooo hot…want to touch the hiney…”

My middle school students are at that age where everything has to do with their…stuff.


(in response to a girl laughing at “important” outburst) “Ohhhh…you LIKE my important?! You want it?! Oh you are so dirty mind.”

“When I’m hard, my friend gives me Coke.” That can be read all kinds of different ways lmbo

“Teacher, my friend must go to the hospital! Someone kicked his elephant!” (I’ll let you figure out what “elephant” is)

One of my students looked me dead in my eyes and start making sexual noises.  I felt soooo uncomfortable! Then he started shaking and rocking.  I’m still not sure what prompted that.

I don’t know what two of them were thinking, but one was fiercely trying to stab the other in the crotch with a sharpened pencil! O.o

But it isn’t just my students’ privates that are “up for grabs” so to speak…

My kindergarten girls smack and/or grab my butt everyday. Darn curious kindergartners! As if the face-to-crotch hugs aren’t enough!  Oh and on days one of them is feeling EXTREMELY playful, she shakes her head ‘no’ while still hugging my legs.  Got the image yet?  If no, here it is…MOTORBOAT! O.o OMG.  And while I’m peeling that one off me, the other is playing “Bongo Butt” with me.  I get attacked from the front and the back!  Some days my butt is more fascinating than others and she hits it to see it ripple like a stone in a pond or something.  The other one rubs my legs and tries to quickly go up under my dress.  I had to start wearing only pants on days I teach their class.  Sometimes I just turn around and look at the security camera like “Did you SEE that?!  I am completely innocent here and for the record, I keep trying to show AND tell her that is BAD.”

It’s the American teacher in me that is like “Please don’t sue me.  I really didn’t do anything here.”  But in Korea, this stuff happens, the students get a slap on the wrist at best, and the foreigners just keep piling up the stories.


2 Responses to “Private Parts Not So Private”

  1. Bell Boi (@lljb3) November 14, 2012 at 12:18 am #

    LMAO OMG. Hashtag freaks.

  2. jamasian December 14, 2012 at 7:25 am #

    I feel you on the middle schoolers. Why are you looking at me and making noises? Instant minus point for you!

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