A Dating Game

18 Nov

Test Question:  What type of person would you like to date?

Student 1:  Said he wants a woman to take care of him and “it would be perfect if she is hot and beautiful. Don’t blame me! Almost all guys do that!

Student 2:  Wants to date “a considerate and lovely girl, but that type always has a boyfriend.” He’s hopeful that one day he’ll “get a beautiful girlfriend.”  The same student said he has very few friends and the ones he has are so busy that he can’t meet them often. He feels even more lonely because he has never “made a girlfriend” and asked me for my help. Awww…

Student 3:  Wants to date a handsome & kind person and go on a picnic…”Wow, I’m happy just imaginary.” haha awww…we’re all dreamers at heart.

Student 4:  She described the type of person she likes then said “How about you? I think maybe you like to date with blonde girl. Isn’t it?” O.o Whoooooooaaaaa…not only am I a lesbian, but I want to date White women, particularly Blondes (she could also think I want to date someone a bit ditsy because we discussed that Blonde stereotype). Hey, if that’s your type, I’m not knocking it, but what vibe could I have POSSIBLY given you to make you assume one or both of these things about me? *scratches head*

Student 5:  “I like white, black, and yellow skin. It’s ok. And I want a big eyes & very thin body. Because you know, I have a big…belly hahahaha.” O.o did he just write a sexual innuendo on the test!?

Student 6:  Wants a woman w/a pretty face, long hair, “and feel so good. 🙂 Joke!” haha sir…what part of her are you feeling? Then he said no he just wants a kind woman, because that’s the type of woman he wants to marry…and that I’m kind and funny. (Please tell me I’m not in the running for your future bride…)

Student 7:  Said before he liked only a beautiful woman, but now the “heart is most important.” I made a comment before about how I think a lot of the physical part fades with time so I want the other stuff…I think that swayed his answer haha.
Happy Hunting Guys!

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