Chopstick Controversy

26 Nov

Test Question:  “Asking foreigners if they can use chopsticks is a good idea.”  (This was a debate topic.)


Student 1:  “I eat not food, if I use not chopsticks.” I’m not sure if I sure read this in my Shakespearean or Yoda voice.

Student 2:  “I think good idea because winter is so cold. The chop is dry. We open mouse usually blooding.” *scratches head* anyone care to translate this one?

Student 3:  “Only one person can use chopsticks. If used together, I think it is very dirty, because it looks like kiss!”

Student 4:  If you use chopsticks to eat kimchi (fermented cabbage), it makes it “more delicious“. Ahhh the extra flavor in every chopstick.

Student 5:  After he gave his answer, he asked me “Can you eat the chopsticks?” I’m sure he meant can I use them, but it is much more entertaining to ponder if he CAN eat his and I’m just missing something.

Student 6: When foreigners use chopsticks, they look beautiful.” I don’t even have an explanation for this one…*shrugs in confusion*

Student 7:  “What is it?  I don’t know many English words.  In my head…many confusion!  Please understand me.  Sorry. ^^ Very kind teacher.  감사합니다 (‘Thank you’ in Korean)!”

And here I was the entire time thinking this question was pretty straightforward since we spent 30 minutes in class discussing this EXACT topic on day.  *sigh* Back to the drawing board…


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