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More Compliments for Teacher

29 Dec
A simple "Hi Teacher!" would have been nice...

A simple “Hi Teacher!” would have been nice…

Sometimes my students warm my heart…and other times they tickle me to the point of confusion.  I think these comments fall somewhere along that spectrum.

When they finished their work early, two of my students discussed how they think I am a smart teacher and how they like being in class with me so much. Aww…thanks guys! 🙂

A few students drew a pic of me and hid it in my room so I would find it later…it says “I love you“..aww…

(when asked what they want to buy w/their HW pts) “BRITTANY!“…hmm…slavery or flattery?

Every time one of my students sees me in the hallway, he greets me with a “All Hail the Fuhrer” Hitler salute!  His facial expression is super serious when he does it, too! He means it as a sign of respect for me, but I definitely don’t like it.  I have no idea where he learned that from but we need to change his greeting immediately.

(In response to seeing my frohawk for the first time) “Teacher!  OMG your hair…it’s COOOLLLLL!!!! You changee one more time?


Red (Nose) Alert!

25 Dec

I know you were thinking it; this must be what I look like with my student. -_-

While I was walking back to my office from another building, a few of my students saw me and immediately started running towards me.  One shouted “Oh my God Professor!  Your nose is red!  Are you ok?”

Yes, because me looking like Rudolph is the equivalent to a dog with a dry nose.

Sound the alarms.

Now they are fascinated that my nose keeps turning red when I am outside.  -_-

Merry Christmas!

Warm Fuzzies

20 Dec


Yesterday it snowed and I was trapped at school.

Because the buses stop running by the time I get out of my night class, I usually call a taxi and have it pick me up.  Due to the weather, there were none.  I called several times for several minutes to no avail.  One of my students decided to stay with me as I tried to get home.  Twenty minutes later, he had to go but didn’t want to leave me behind.  So he escorted me off campus and to the nearest taxi stand.  While walking, he flagged down a taxi, opened the door, made sure I was safe, said goodbye, closed the door and went on his way.  Thanks for making that experience a lot more pleasant than it would have been had I done it alone.

Thanks guy…just know this in no way will help your final grade this week. 😉

Impromptu Concerts

16 Dec


There are a few students who like to peacock for me regularly.

Today they were supposed to give a presentation about an event they would plan.  One student (Guy 1) planned a Christmas party and decided to give us an idea of what music would be there.  He butchered ‘Silent Night’ so bad that his friends started shouting for him to sit down.  For whatever reason, the other “peacocks” decided to challenge him and another guy (Guy 2) sang a Christmas carol (“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”).

The Night’s Line-up–

Guy 3:  The Beatles “I Will”.  He was so shy that he sang with his back towards everyone, especially me.

Guy 4:  Alicia Keys “If I Ain’t Got You”…and man he was HITTING THOSE NOTES!  Like, as high as Alicia!

Guy 1:  *not to be outdone* Came back to redeem himself and requested that one of his classmates plays the song on her phone for him to sing along.  He actually has a beautiful voice!

Guy 4:  *championship round*  Sang Maroon 5 “She Will Be Loved”

Today’s topic was about intonation.  Can I turn the free concert into something to match that?  *Tim Gunn voice*  “Make it work.”

Samuel L Jackson?

12 Dec


When acting out a plane crashing scenario, one student shouts “WHERE IS MY D*** OXYGEN MASK!?”

Are they allowed to curse in class?  I mean he did use the word correctly…

“Pikachu, I choose YOU!”…for love…

8 Dec



I asked students to prepare a presentation on their ideal partner.

One student’s ideal partner is Pikachu.  He actually presented a pretty solid argument.

  • Pikachu is an awesome night/flash light.
  • Since Koreans can’t carry guns, having a Pikachu allows him to have a legal weapon.
  • If he was out in the woods and needed to start a fire, Pikachu could help.
  • Pikachu is cute.

Well there you have it.  Is Pikachu available or is he with Ash still?

Random Routines

4 Dec

Test Question:  “What does your daily routine look like?”

I thought this was a pretty straightforward question.  I mean after all, I taught them that daily=every day and routine=what you usually do, so I figured this question would mean “What do you usually do every day?”  Simple enough right?  Nope.

Student 1:  He looks forward to the sale dates of when the new J’s (Michael Jordan shoes) drop. He wants me to go to the Nike store with him next time. I just pictured a whole bunch of Black people camped outside the store…and my student.

Student 2:  “I look like a book.” O.o  I’m not sure if this is some deep metaphor or just a confused student’s answer.

Student 3:  “I don’t know because I’m busy days.”  Soooo, if you’re busy, wouldn’t that mean you have PLENTY of things you can tell me you do daily?

Student 4:  “I usually wake up at 7:30 in the morning and smoke right away.”  WOW…two things made me chuckle at this:

1–I immediately pictured my student smoking something illegal, and

2–I thought of him waking up scratching and shaking til he smokes.

Student 5: My daily routine look like monkey, because I like play anythings.”  I guess she took the “look like” part of the question literally, too.

Student 6:  She eats chicken everyday because chicken is delicious & she was born in the year of the chicken (Chinese sign). Well alright! I’m year of the tiger & my dad is year of the rat…glad we don’t have to eat our signs.  O.o