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Eh, we’re all animals anyway, right?

30 Jan

It’s ok…Beaver…Bieber…SAME SAME

Talking to students about different countries’ representative animals…

Teacher:  So can you guess Canada’s animal?

Student 1:  Koala
Student 2:  Pikachu
Student 3:  Lion
Student 4:  Panda
Student 5:  Monkey

Teacher:  No…it’s the beaver.

Student 6:  Justin Bieber?
Student 7:  Really?
Student 8:  진짜야. 캐나다사람이잖아. (Really, he’s a Canadian, you know.)



–Submitted by:  Jess in Gwangju


Oh Justin…if only he knew he was Canada’s “mascot” in a sense.


Underwater Resemblences

26 Jan
That's right, Korean guys are regular playboys...go get'em Hugh!

That’s right, Korean guys are regular playboys…go get’em Hugh!

One student said American men are more handsome than Korean men because Korean men all look like squids.


[Albeit not the TYPICAL Korean man, BUT] if this is what squid looks like...I say I welcome it!

[Albeit not the TYPICAL Korean man that you’ll encounter, BUT] if this is what squid looks like…I say I welcome it!

Jews and Zoos

22 Jan



Girl student:  “Some Jews (zoos) abuse animals.”

Her friends had to explain why I looked at her like “who?!?”

Submitted byBecky-saem


Strangely enough, after researching pictures of “Jewish people with animals” I ended up learning about this chicken-swinging tradition.  Perhaps the student was onto something and wise beyond her years…*takes a moment to reflect* nehhhhhhh!

She just struggled with pronouncing a ‘z’ and pronounced it as a ‘j’ (common mistake).


See, and I always thought the ‘z’ wasn’t very important in our alphabet.  Guess I was wrong.

Medical Emergencies

18 Jan
I really gotta learn the protocol on all of these different emergencies.  (C/O The Rocketeer)

I really gotta learn the protocol on all of these different emergencies. (C/O The Rocketeer)

One student gave me a signed doctor’s excuse for missing class.

The reason?  He was “hospitalized” for SNORING.

Well if THAT’S all it takes… O.o

A Boy Becomes A Man…

14 Jan



Me:  “This object is sometimes used to describe a curvy woman’s body.”

Guy Student 1:  (IMMEDIATELY) “BOTTLE”

Me:  Correct!  But umm…how do you know that reference?

Guy Student 1:  *becomes bashful, starts smiling and turning red*

Guy Student 2:  *looks me in my eyes and confidently says* “He is a MAN.”  *nods head approvingly*

Compliments for Teacher Continued

10 Jan

The older they are, the more advanced their English is (generally speaking).  Their confidence goes up in the flirting department, too.  -_-

Middle School Students:

One of my nails broke & my students were in awe.  They each asked to see my finger & the nail!  They passed it around class.  That’s right children…even my nails are fascinating.

One student told me he loves me & proposed in class because he didn’t do his homework.  It’ll never work between us buddy; you can’t even commit to homework.

If the teacher is not handsome/pretty, they will not really pay attention. They told me “You are pretty so it’s ok; we listen.”  They like me. Glad I can do my job now. O.o

One student was struggling in my class so she started coming to school an hour early for tutoring so she can keep up in my class & not be transferred out to another teacher.

Some of my students think my $3 earrings from Forever21 are so shiny and silvery that they are worth $50 and are real silver.  They think I am very fashion forward.  Keep believing that…

My class that is just 3 6th grade boys is so RANDOM!  The other day, they told me they are all in love with me and I need to tell them “which one of us do you think is the most handsome or else we will fight each other!  You don’t say, we fight!”  Then the next day, I got to watch them run around my classroom trying to kill this horsefly that was flying all around and really distracting me.  They got super creative in their techniques.  They hopped over chairs, used a Dixie cup to capture and suffocate the poor fly before it dropped to the floor dead.  Then they poked their chests out with a look of satisfaction like “Yea…that’s right.”


7 Jan
This came to mind, too.  :-)

This came to mind, too. 🙂

Test Question:  “Do you prefer tennis shoes or dress shoes more?”

Student 1:  “Dress shoes because I don’t like tennis and I have many dresses.” very literal translation…

Student 2:  She likes to collect (not wear) dress shoes because she is taller than Korean men so she usually wears tennis shoes. *sigh* I feel you…boy do I feel you…
Student 3:  “I like tennis shoes; I am active. I usually run because of take the school bus.” haha soooo basically you almost miss the bus often so you need running shoes so you can be ready.

Suprise Tweezing

3 Jan
Just imagine the power that a single strand of HAIR can have...

Just imagine the power that a single strand of HAIR can have…

So I’m correcting papers and I feel a sharp pain on my head.

One of my young students pulled out a single hair and is now using it to hypnotize other students.

I don’t know how to feel about this… O_O

Submitted by:  Ms. Ashley