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Hots For Professor

27 Feb
Oh how I hope nothing like this is going through my students' heads.

Oh how I hope nothing like this is going through my students’ heads.

In the past 3 days, my male students have asked me:

  • if I have a boyfriend or husband
  • when I plan to get married
  • if I like Korean (or Asian in general) men
  • what type of man I like
  • what I do in my free time
  • for my phone number
They’ve also attended multiple classes of mine this week when they are only enrolled in ONE.
Then I keep catching them making indirect comments about me and grinning (“I like beautiful women” or “I like foreigners” *intense eye contact and grin*).
They have also tried to set me up with the other foreign faculty…or with one of them.
I’ve gotten more attention from my students in the past 3 days than I have from all other men I’ve encountered in all other men in my adult life.  -_-

“Tell me about yourself…”

23 Feb


Test Question:  “Tell me about yourself.”

Student 1:  “Hello~look at me attention please!”  Someone’s confident.

Student 2:  “I student English for her because she is very kind. Sorry :'(” The majority of her test was blank; how kind do you expect me to be?!

Student 3:  “I’m optimistic but not serious sometimes. So I have a lot of friends and bad grade…”

Student 4:  Her “strong point is [I am] very expensive.” O.o How exactly is she selling herself?!

Student 5:  “I’m hat[e] excercize so my fat.” He wears skinny jeans…loosely. Please pinch the fat for me.

Student 6:  “I’m little handsome in Korea style. :-)”

Student 6 also said “Can we go to bungee jump together? :-D” *Dr. Evil voice* Mmmmm…how bout NO Scott…

Student 7:  “Myself.”

Is this one of those “I am what I am.” or “I am me.” or simply, “I am.” type of answers?  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say no.  My poor student just choked on that question.

Student 8:  “I took a sex sociology class and was really fascinated by it.”

She is one of the quietest and sweetest girls in that class…at least she is honest.  Maybe a bit too open, but honest.

Who Done It?

19 Feb
Oh know how I like it...stolen jewelry only; that's the way to my heart.

Oh yea…you know how I like it…stolen jewelry only; that’s the way to my heart.

During a Q & A involving a Detective Cartoon:

Me:  So who do you think stole the lady’s bag of jewelry–boy 1, boy 2, or the girl?

Student 1:  The girl.

Me:  Why?

Student 1:  All girls like jewelry.  She took it.

Student 2:  No.  Boy 2 took the bag.

Me:  *giggling* Why?

Student 2:  Yes, girls like jewelry, but they get it from boys.  The boyfriend took the bag.  He took it to his girlfriend.



–Submitted by:  Katt Teacher Elem Daegu


Poor kid.  He already knows his role in his future relationships.

“Call me!”

15 Feb
Mmmm yea...definitely wouldn't have said "maybe" to that student..."never" sounds more like it.  (C/O breakbrunch)

Mmmm yea…definitely wouldn’t have said “maybe” to that student…”never” sounds more like it. (C/O breakbrunch)

I announced to one class that it is our last class of the semester and I really enjoyed teaching them.

Afterwards, they began to applaud and tell me they will miss me and I am a great teacher.  Then they insisted on taking pictures with me (one of which is a pic of two guys playing in my hair as if I am a chimp with ticks) and asking if we can hang out next semester.

One guy lingered behind and put his pinky and thumb up to the side of his face and mouthed “Call me!” O.o

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

“Bottoms Up!”

11 Feb
I hope she doesn't know about THIS kind of "Bottoms Up" too...although this one is cute. :-)(C/O Curtis James

I hope she doesn’t know about THIS kind of “Bottoms Up” too…although this one is cute. 🙂
(C/O Curtis James)

In one of my cafe’ classes, we discussed Konglish (Korean English).

I told them that we (Americans) say “Bottoms Up!” instead of “One shot!”…well when I said that, one of my students (I kid you not) started dancing and singing Trey Songz, “Bottoms Up”.  My eyes got big as I said “You KNOW that song!?”

She said yes and I almost forgot where I was for a second. Took me back to that one time in Texas. 😉

The Fart Heard ‘Round The World

7 Feb


One student farted in class so loud that everyone heard and looked at him. You could tell by the embarrassed look on his face that he thought it was going to be silent so we all just looked away and acted like it didn’t happen. Poor guy.

It could’ve been worse; he could’ve sharted.

Crazy In Love and Basketball

3 Feb
(Excuse the language...C/O IDK Comics)  This game can be brutal!

(Excuse the language…C/O IDK Comics) This game can be brutal!


I taught them the game “Two Truths and a Lie.”  One of my students said:

“1–I am CRAZY! *bulged eyes and glaring at everyone*

2–I am the best basketball player at this university.

3–I love you.”

Can you guess which one was the lie?  My students were so disturbed and confused that they all just uneasily laughed and were hesitant to guess.  Of course, the students that knew him thought this was hilarious, but the others, not so much.


(The correct answer was #2 by the way.  According to him, he is the SECOND best player at our school.)