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Blunt Descriptions

27 Mar


While doing her presentation about her favorite movie, “The Last Holiday,” one student says “The main character is a fat, Black woman.”

Poor Queen Latifah…at least the Chicago Tribune‘s comment was a lot better.

(***Koreans don’t seem to understand that Americans are not that blunt in our descriptions of strangers, particularly when it comes to the word “fat.”  We’re Americans…I will just leave it at that.***)


Eat this…it’s “special”…

23 Mar


One of my students gave me a piece of chocolate and said that because it isn’t the regular chocolate, if I eat it I will have a dream tonight.

Am I the only one that thought about a special brownie correlation?

The chocolate was delicious by the way.

“My Heart Will Go On”

19 Mar



One student started acting out the death scene from ‘Titanic‘:  “Jack! Jack!  Come back!” *blows whistle*

Then everyone in her group started singing “My Heart Will Go On” and swaying.

Class TopicEVENTS…

I really meant for it to be an event in THEIR lives, but I guess I assumed and you know what they say about that… *sigh*

Dreamy Trips

15 Mar


Students were asked to write an essay about what country they would like to visit:
“The countries that I want to go is Europe in Europe.”
“So under the sea there is really beautiful snow celing.  Snow celing means swimming in the sea.”
–Submitted by:  Becky-saem
Way to go kid.  I wouldn’t have been able to name all the countries either so playing it safe and saying “All of the above” was the way to go.
And I feel like this is another Neverland or Narnia and only kids know about the “snow celing” swimming.

Parent-Teacher “Conferences”

11 Mar


One of my students missed class today so her mom (who spoke impeccable English) called me to explain her daughter’s sick day like she was in elementary school.

Then she surprised me with a visit to further explain.  She lives 2 hours away and called me from her home.

By the end of the conversation, she told me to coordinate with her daughter when I can come to visit her (the mom) in their city so we can go get manicures together. (Remember, she lives like 2 hrs from here.)

I stood in the hallway for like 2 minutes like “What just happened here?”

Can’t wait to meat, err um, meet your dog!

7 Mar
I'm sure my students were picturing this...  (C/O AskaKorean)

I’m sure my students were picturing this… (C/O AskaKorean)

Student 1:  This is a picture of my dog.

Me:  Aww she’s so cute!

Student 2:  She’s small.

Student 3:  She’s DELICIOUS!

Everyone:  O.o *crickets*

Student 3:  It was just a joke!

Everyone:  *nervous laughter*

A “Black” Face

3 Mar
Their black is students' non-existent.

Their black is beautiful…my students’ black…is non-existent.

Test Question:   “Do you like summer or winter better?”

Student 1:  “I don’t like summer because my skin color changed black by sun.”

Student 2:  “…I didn’t go to the Philippines because I already have black skin & don’t want it more black.”

O.o  Anybody else wondering what color they must think Beyonce’ or Idris Elba are if my pale Korean students think their tan classifies them as having “black” skin?