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He missed the Miss

30 May


(I go to visit my students from last term.)

Students: Teacher! We missed you!

(One student as he is saying that he misses me, tries to trip me)

I feel the love…

Submitted by:  Amma


The “Eyes” Have It

26 May

I wonder where they would think this person is from…
(As seen on:

Me:  I’m from Canada.
Student 1:  But she looks like korean.

Student 2:  No, but her eyes are weird!!
Student 1:  Wow!  Yeah!  It’s brown!  So weird!
Student 2:  Yeah!  She is a foreigner!

Thanx color contact lenses for making me a foreigner!!”  ;P

Submitted by:  Generous Jin

Twisted Tongues

22 May


One student started wiggling his tongue around in his mouth suggestively and looking me dead in my eyes.

*Backs away slowly*

Better To Introduce Yourself

18 May

(My students were practicing introductions today)

Student: Hey, Safia! What’s your name!?

Me: …

Submitted by:  Amma

Brace Yourself!

14 May

I mean I like my bracelet, but you’d be to think the wood was from the Tree of Life and gold from the Hand of Midas the way my student was reacting.


One of my students stayed after class to talk to me.


He looked really serious and concerned.


He said “I just had to say, THAT BRACELET…it’s amazing.  It’s REALLY nice. Really.”


I was wearing an elephant bracelet.


Thanks guy! 🙂

Zombie Pub Crawl

10 May

My students…
(As seen on:


Two days ago was a big festival for the English department at my school.


The following morning, I had class, bright and early.  My students looked HORRIBLE.


Several of them were on “walk of shames” and others reeked of alcohol.  They were either asleep or zombie-like…in an apocalyptic way.


While I scanned the room thinking they looked like the undead, one of my students shouts “Sorry…they are all zombies!  Look, zombies!  Drunken zombies!”

May God help us all…
(As seen on:


Daddy’s Girl?

6 May

I’m sure he would approve of me dating his son…too bad I seem to be the only one who sees something wrong with this.
(As seen on:

One of my students asked to take a picture with me to send to his father because his dad really wanted to know what I look like (and why is that sir?).

Then when class finishes, he walks with me to talk for a while before asking for my phone number.  He looked REALLY disappointed when I said no.

(This is the same student that I said dresses like Grandmaster Flash haha)

Side Note:  Why is it that more Korean men have asked for my phone number in the past MONTH than I can recall people asking me in my LIFE?  What’s the deal?


2 May


Test QuestionWhat is something you have never done?

Student Answer I have never kissed you!

Funny guy

–Submitted by:  Kristina