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Free Hugs

27 Jun
I didn’t even need a sign…just got hugs in class.  They made me smile.


Me:  “So do you have any questions?”
Him:  “Can you do me a favor?  Can I have a free hug?”
Me:  *grinning and slightly confused* Ok…sure!
Him:   “Oh and let’s take a picture!”
Me:  *thinking*  Why didn’t I do any of this with MY professors?

Mean Guys

23 Jun



My students snapped rubber-bands at each other today, called each other “loco”, and tackled each other off the chairs.


This is college, not grade school…


Student 1 tackled Student 2 off his chair.  When Student 2 came for revenge, Student 1 started screaming: “We’re friends! No need for violence!!!”
How convenient…


Submitted by:  Amma



Party Favors

19 Jun
New pick up line
That’s not weird at all… O.o
Test Question:  “Introduce yourself to a person at a party.”
Guy:  “Oh good!  I am really good at introducing myself to woman!”  *starts dancing and looks at partner*  “Hey, will you go with me?”
Girl:  “Do you want me?”
Guy:  “No, just friendship.”
Girl:  “Then no.”
Guy:  “I’m a good guy…trust me.”
Girl:  “I’m not an easy girl.”
Guy:  “I can change you!”
Girl:  “NO!”
Perhaps this is why I don’t like parties much these days…


Guess Who?

15 Jun

“Wait…YOU’RE the professor?!” (image from:


“Why yes…yes I am…”


“Are we going to have a problem here?”


Every time I walk into a new classroom to teach, this is what I always hear:

Students:  Is she a student? teacher? student?

(They watch my every move until I sit at the teacher’s desk)

Students:  SHE’S A TEACHER!!!!?


Submitted by:  Amma

He Loves Me…I Love Him Not

11 Jun
Fred Sanford Heart Attack
You know, you just never know when your students’ feelings for you will come out.  I guess there comes a time in every student’s life when their feelings towards their instructors just takes over them and comes out.  I just don’t know how to embrace them yet.
Me:  Do you have any questions?
Him:  Professor, I love you.  *makes heart hand gesture*
Me:  *grabs chest like Fred Sanford*
Me:  Goodbye!
Him:  I love you!

Raising the Dead?

7 Jun

I was disturbed today when my preschoolers were playing a game singing:

Mommy mommy come alive, by the time I count to 5. 1 2 3 4 5 COME ALIVE!


I had never heard of this until now…

Submitted by:  Amma

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

3 Jun


One student started playing “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” on his phone in the middle of class because he loves “The Lion King.”

He was swaying back and forth.

I think he felt moved.

The rest of the class didn’t know whether they should join in, smile, laugh, or ignore him.  So they just sat there like this:


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