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Chocolate Love for Teacha?

28 Aug

Well I’m sure this isn’t the what they meant by the teacher being chocolate, but man this would be pretty cool and awkward if my teacher wore chocolate…
The teacher could be like Chocolate Mystique! She could join The Brotherhood.
(As seen on:

Me:  *reading poem* “What are little girls made of? They are made of sugar and spice and everything nice”

Girl Child: “Teachaa…no eat me because my skin is dirty”

Boy Child:  “I think Teachaa taste delicious.”

Me:  Uh…

Other Boy Child:  “NO! we cant eat Teechaa because she’s chocolate!”

Me:  You know what, jus…

Other Boy Child:  “Yea no we cant because everyone knows chocolate is evil..”


Submitted by:  CareBear Teacha


Testing The Teacher

24 Aug
(I hand the tests to my students)

Student 2:  Me too! I was sick!
Student 3:  I am sick today.
3 more students:  Me too!
Student 7:  I am going to get sick tomorrow from this test.
Other students:  Me too!!!
Me:  OMG, you guys, you had a few days to study for this! I’m pretty sure I wasn’t teaching grade school…
(Later)Student:  Can I use a dictionary?
Student:  Can you tell me the meaning in Arabic?
Me: This is a test…
Submitted by:  Amma

Future Aspirations

20 Aug

I totally hope this is what this kid has in mind…



I asked my first graders, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
1st grader:   “A super hero!”
So cute!


Submitted by:  Amma

Idle Mind, Devil’s Playground

16 Aug

Perhaps he really WAS writing…we just didn’t know it…




My student:  *In a serious tone* “My pen isn’t working; I can’t do my work. It’s the devil, I swear!”




His pen really wasn’t working, but that was seriously the most original excuse I’ve ever heard from a student!


Submitted by:  Amma

For the Birds

12 Aug



What can I say…ish happens. *shrugs*

Possessed Students

8 Aug


Asked my grade four students what they wanted to be when they are 25 years old. other students said things like…soccer player…baseball…doctor..teacher..etc…AND then there’s this student……I want to be an exorcist!!!!!

Submitted by:  Cheryl Loves Temples

Be afraid…be very afraid.

Move Your Body!

4 Aug

Jeff Bridges The Dude The Big Lebowski dance

One of my timid girls passionately said she likes listening to Chris Brown, R. Kelly, Bruno Mars, and T-Pain.

Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene

I don’t know why, but for the rest of the semester, I couldn’t help but picture her as a really intense dancer with a serious face.  *shrugs*

will smith dance