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Beat, Greet, or Eat It?

28 Sep


I’d love for you to fill in your own captions here, particularly for that last frame.

Sooo…is the carrot deciding to be eaten or is the rabbit now in love with it or…geesh I give up.

Times like these I’m sure educators all over the world grant high grades because they don’t want to admit they are confused.  Good thing this was just a participation assignment.


Love Taps

24 Sep
Things my students say (on love):
“Sometimes a teacher hit you and you probably think that they hate you but it is hit of love.”

–Submitted by:  Becky-saem

(This blog does not condone abuse in any form, nor do we believe this student should encourage others to accept abuse.  This teacher addressed this situation immediately after the comment.)

Parental Discretion Advised

20 Sep

If the dead can kiss their girlfriends, then maybe the living, married couples stand a chance.


I am sometimes surprised by the questions that my preschoolers ask me.

Preschooler: “Teacher, when people get married, is it okay for the boy to kiss on the mouth?”

Me: (0o0) “!!!” … “Go ask your parents…”

Phew! Dodged that one!

Submitted by:  Amma

stewie love me

Sometimes it starts early…

Full of It

16 Sep


The Korean fascination with poop has always baffled me…

It’s a Celebration!

12 Sep



(On the first day of class, one of my students from last session sees me walking in.  He looks shocked.)

Student: Teacher! You are teaching me for this class!?

Hahaha, talk about dramatic.

Submitted by:  Amma


A Splash in a Flash

8 Sep

Preschooler:  “Teacher, can u please get me some water?”

(I get some and come back. I see her face in shock and I don’t know why.)

Her:  “(0o0) How did u get it so fast? DID U FAST-FORWARD THE WATER?”

LOL!  Kids, technology and creativity ahahahhha

Submitted:  Amma


4 Sep

As seen on:


(My preschoolers were playing tag.  All of the sudden, I heard the cutest thing!)

Preschooler:   “Oh my gosh! you caughchted me!”

That was the cutest grammar mistake EVER! A blend between caught + catch + -ed


Submitted by:  Amma

She Understands Me…Really.

1 Sep

Yesterday, in class, I asked the students to give some answers from the unit we had just completed last week:

Student:  Teacher, I’m not sure the right answer exactly.
Me:  Just do your best.
Student (in Arabic):  Wallah (By God), I didn’t study.
Other students (in Arabic):  YOU IDIOT! SHE UNDERSTANDS ARABIC!!!
Student:  Teacher, you do?
Me:  Yes, 100%
Student:  Oops… heheheh *nervous laughter* Teacher, I didn’t have time!
Me:  You had 3 days.
Student:  *BIG SMILE*

Submitted by:  Amma