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Teacher’s Pest

31 Oct

I’m just kinda…here…

My student who is two years older than me comes to tell me this today:
Student:  Teacher, do you know why I come to all of your classes?
Me:  Why?
Student:  Because it is SOOOOOO fun bothering you! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!
Me:  (-_-) ….

That’s great… he finds my class… er, me… amusing…

Submitted by:  Amma


You’re Stupider

26 Oct

Student 1:  “Such a stupid answer!”
Student 2:  “You’re stupid”
Student 1:  “You’re stupider!”
Student 2:  “You’re stupidest!”
Me:  “Ok! Children stop fighting!”
Students:  “We’re not children! We’re adults!!!”
Me:  “Well, you sure are acting like one.”
Students:  “Good point!”

Submitted by:  Amma

She Speaks!

22 Oct
Little Penguin is Late for Work [funny gif]

Must have a new strategy…she speaks as we do! (Courtesy: by Giulia)

It still hasn’t sunk in for my Arab students that I speak Arabic and am part Arab.
Every time I speak Arabic outside of class, I get this reaction:
Students:  OMG! Teacher, you speak ARABIC!!! And FAST!!! UFFF!!!


Yep, I’ve been teaching here for half a year and it still hasn’t sunk in for them…



Submitted by:  Amma

What’d’ya Know About SNOW?

18 Oct

Well…now they’ve seen snow…and now realize that it comes with a certain temperature…



Today, I saw Arab students run outside, screaming and arguing over if it was snowing, hailing or raining (it was snowing). They stand in amazement and disbelief for a few minutes. After a little while they start screaming “IT’S SO COLD!!! WHY???” and run indoors.
Why? Because they all came out with their pajamas and slippers… They have obviously never seen snow in their life before.


Submitted By:  Amma

The Key to Kissing

14 Oct



BONUSCo-Teacher Interaction…the students aren’t the only ones with whom we find ourselves lost in translation.

My friend (MF):  Co-Teacher, keys please.

(She sometimes borrow her keys to unlock the copy room)

Co-Teacher:  Kiss?
MF:  No, keys.
Co-Teacher:  Kiss?
MF:  OK. Kiss. (Points to cheek).
Co-Teacher:  Oh! Here are the keys.
MF:  Aw. No kiss?

Co-Teacher:  I gave you the keys.
-Submitted byKatt Teacher Elem Daegu

On Bended Knee

10 Oct


I felt so bad for the little stick man, didn’t you?!

“You’re killing me!”

6 Oct

I give my students one page of homework.

ESL students:   No! Teacher, you’re killing us!!!

Me:   Well, that’s too bad, the feeling is mutual…

Submitted by:  Amma

Who’s Who Among The New

2 Oct

New Student Starfish fight

Apparently, my boss told me today that one of my students admitted to him that he almost embarrassed himself on the first day of class because he thought that I was a student.

Hehehe I wonder what he was planning?

Submitted by:  Amma