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Yea Baby…

27 Nov

Too far guy…too far…


FAIL: I tell one student that I can’t shake hands; he blows a kiss instead…

Submitted by:  Amma


Dire Diarrhea!

23 Nov



“Co-Teacher (CT):  Good Morning!
Me:  Morning!
CT:  Ohhh… (looking very confused) About the student Alex
Me:  Yeees… (what could you possibly have to tell me at 9 in the a.m.??)
CT:  He is here, but he has the diarrhea really really bad. So please let him go to the bathroom as often as he needs to.
Me:  O.o Sure…..?? *face UBER Blank*

**Note: Parents if your child is going to spend more than 30% of class in the restroom KEEP THEM AT HOME! They are sick and need their Mommy not their teacher!**”

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

That’s Professor To You

19 Nov
Rick meets Michonne do you wanna tell us your name gif

(As seen on:

Student:  Teacher?
Me:  Yes?
Student:  Can I call you teacher?
Me:  (0-0) (-_-) Ahahahaha

(We’re almost in the 4th week. Apparently, he wasn’t sure if it was culturally okay for him to keep calling his instructors “teacher” in the college environment. It was a legit question. I’m glad my students use me as a resource for their random questions. :D)

Submitted by:  Amma

Rules of Engagement

15 Nov

This might’ve been something like my reaction…


Test Question:  Basically, I asked them to tell me a story.

Student 1:   Was describing his fondest travel memory and wrote “It’s too long to describe in here. I wish I can talk to you later in cafe or somewhere else. Can I get your phone number? I want to hear your story too!”

Student 2:   She was dating a guy in the US Army and everything was “lovely for 3 months.” Next thing she knew he said his ex-girlfriend was pregnant so they broke up. SMH

See, it’s because of smooth talkers like Student 1 that those like Student 2 get hurt!

I’m Late!

11 Nov

I walk into class.

Student:  “Aw, look at her; so innocent.”
Me:  “Hm?”
Student:  “You’re late!”
Me:  “No! I’m right on time!”
(He looks at his watch)
Student:  “Oh, you’re right…”

Submitted by:  Amma

Vocab Interpretations

7 Nov
Students were asked to use the new vocabulary in a sentence:
“I represent my face.”
“He racism for africa people.”
Submitted by:  Becky-saem

Hairy Situation

3 Nov


I’m still not sure what the girl being poor has to do with any of this, especially if her mother is flying on planes.

But, when this girl gets flustered, she curses in English and cries in Korean.