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29 Dec

I’m not amused.

My student: *In a really cheerful and excited tone* “Guess what!!!?”
Me: “What?”
Student: “I slept all day and skipped all my classes except yours so that I could have energy to bother u more! AHAHAHHAHAHA!!!”

Me: (0-0) … (-_-) … Okay….

Submitted by:  Amma


Happy Holidays!

25 Dec

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Presenting: AWESOMENESS!

21 Dec

Student 1: How are you going to do your presentation?

Student 2: Easy! I’ma go and come back awesome!!!


Submitted by:  Amma

“I Love My Haters!”

17 Dec

One of my students: “I love my haters! They make me famous.”

I love his positive attitude! LOL

Submitted by:  Amma

Gimme Some!!!

13 Dec



(I see my students talking to each other and arguing over something)
Student 1:  Ask the teacher!
Student 2: No!
Student 1: Yes!
Student 2: Teacher what does this word mean?
(I answer)
Student 1: *proudly* I TOLD YOU!!!


Submitted by:  Amma

Diamonds Are Forever, Almonds Are Not

9 Dec


Well there ya have it–the mystery has been solved.  This is right up there with where babies come from.

Fired and Quitting

5 Dec





One student: “Teacher!!!”
Me: “Yes?”
Student: “If they ever fire you; I will quit!!!”
Ahahahahhaha sure…


Submitted by:  Amma

Santa Has Stunt Doubles

1 Dec
Even Spiderman is shocked by the news...

Even Spiderman is shocked by the news…

Me:  Ar-ti-fi-ci-al…. Artificial. Everyone….

Class:  Artificial…

Me:  Good. Now what does this mean??
No one…
It means fake, not real, made up. Who can name something not real?
Santa Clause is artificial.

Kelly:  Then who brings the presents!!? *On the brink of tears, along with the other puzzled faces*

Me:  Well, not the Santa Clause you are thinking of… There’s another Santa that they use for movies. You know, that’s just an example of Santa. That’s not the actual guy. Like there are artificial Spidermen on tv, that’s not the actual Spider-Man from the movie….

Kelly:  Oh, oh yes. One real Santa but many artificials….

Me:  Exxxxaaaaactly…. NEXT WORD!!”


Submitted byAbataTeacha