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Purely Tainted

28 Apr

Yea…my girls definitely caught me off guard with that one…


Student 1:  “I like pure guys…because that is very good.”

Student 2:  “Oh!  You are not pure?!”

Student 1:  “NO! hahahaha”

Me:  *awkwardly laughs and slowly walks away*


We Sing Because We’re Happy…

24 Apr

“Because I’m HAPPYYYYYY….” (Courtesy:


(For some reason, my Arab students are always singing in my class)

Me: Why are you singing in my class?

Students: Because we’re happy!

Me: (-_-)

Students: *continue* And, since we know that you understand, when you hear us being happy, it will make you happy!

Me: (0-0) That’s… good… I guess…

Submitted by:  Amma

Love is Fleeting

20 Apr
Puppy Eyes - 1920x1200

How can you not fall for those eyes!? (Courtesy:

When I asked one of my students if he had any final questions after he finished his final exam he blurted out “I love you” and looked at me with sad puppy eyes before storming out of the room, never to return to my life again.

Le Sigh..

New Teacher

16 Apr

(Courtesy: Hello boys and girls…and teacher…


#ThatFunnyMoment when you walk into your classroom and realize that one of your guy ESL students is making a lady voice, acting like you, and correcting the hell out of other students.


Submitted by:  Amma

Getting to Know TMI

12 Apr

heheheheh you done? Me too. Great…

Him:  Can I come to your office now to “Chit Chat”? (a 5-minute conversation assignment)
Me:  You don’t need to.  You were my student last semester and we talk all the time.  I know your level.  But, you can if you want.
Him:  I want to.  Right now.  Maybe we can get to know each other better.
Me:  O.o  Ok, but quickly.  (I realize now that this comment just made this whole conversation sooo much worse.)
His conversation lasted for TWENTY MINUTES.  -_-

Don’t Be Chicken

8 Apr

I’m sure there is some chicken in here SOMEWHERE… (Courtesy:

After a review game, I gave the first choice to the winning team and the 2nd place team got to choose next. Their prizes today were chocolates and candy.

Student 1: Teacher, is this candy?
Student 2: Of course, stupid. What are you? Blind?
Student 3: It’s Ok teacher, you don’t have to answer.
Student 4: Don’t lie to him, it’s chicken.
Students start to laugh…
Me: (0_0) …


Submitted by:  Amma

It’s Just Me and You

4 Apr

Dr. Evil Right


One of my students tried to keep that he had a girlfriend from me for a while…even though they sat next to each other in my class all of a sudden.


When I got ready to leave that job, he insisted that we go grab lunch so I could say bye to everyone.  No one showed up but him.  He had me to “FaceTime” his girlfriend to prove that we were not on a date.


Later, he tells me they are no longer together.  In the same conversation, he says I am beautiful and he misses me.  Then he starts texting me on a regular basis about any and everything…