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30 May


Me:  (To my second grade class)
*Points to a boy* “What’s your name?”
Boy:  “She…Shel… ummm… Sheldon.”
Me:  Okay, good.
*points to the girl next to him* “What’s your name?”
Girl:  Penny.
Boy and girl : O_o

Submitted by:  JoJo


Rain, Rain, Go Away…

26 May
rain animated GIF


(It’s raining like crazy)
Students:  Teacher! It’s barakah (blessing!) Isn’t it beautiful?
Me:  No!
Students:  What? Why?
Me:  Portland has too much barakah!
(students laugh)

Submitted by:  Amma

“Uh, yeah…”

22 May
Office Party


“Spain, United States, & United States Kingdom all are English language,…but Japan, China, and Korea is one country.
I’m not even going to touch this one; everyone make your own commentary.

*Cough Cough* But Coffee!

18 May
coffee animated GIF

Ah the power of a caffeine fix… (Courtesy:


My school has a policy that if students come 1-10mins late, it’s late; 10min+ is absent.  A few of my computer class students came almost 20min late for the first time.

They walk in smiling in a hurry.

Students:  Hi Teacher. Good morning Teacher!
Me: … =_= mmmhmmmm.
Students:  Teacher Teacher Teacher, before you say anything, let us explain.
Me:  mhmmm.
Students:  Teacher, we were a little bit late because we were really tired. Very very veeeery tired.
Me:  …. Mhmm…
Students:  So, we had to go get coffee.
Me:  Oh, that’s good because there’s coffee right next door in the library  …
Students:  No, teacher. That coffee is really bad, it’s terrible!!!
Me:  Nope, not an excuse for being late.
Students:  Teeeeeaaaacher!!!

Ah, the fun and joy my students give me.

Submitted by:  Amma

Cirumventing Circumstances

14 May
bill murray, lost in translation, scarlett johansson, text

There there… (Courtesy:

One of my students decided to come speak with me after class to express his frustrations with the English language and the need to speak it.  He said he feels so much pressure to speak and foreigners make him nervous.  He also said his English is not very good, and he wishes he didn’t have to speak to anyone in English, especially native speakers.

Is anyone else besides me wondering why we are having this conversation then?  Let’s see:

Am I a foreigner?


Am I a native speaker?


Is he speaking to the aforementioned?


Is he speaking in English?


Is his English pretty good?


I’m not sure what response he was looking for from me.  Was I to say I don’t understand him?  Or maybe tell him his English sucks?  I got nothin’…

I just sat there and let him finish, then told him his English was great and I (as the foreigner/native speaker) understood everything he was saying and I’ll see him next week.

Him:  Ok thanks Professor; see you later.  Have a nice day.

Me: *sighs & shrugs*

I Wonder…

10 May

wonder twins

A couple showed up in “couples’ outfits” today…I don’t know why I immediately thought “Wonder Twin Power ACTIVATE!”

I hope everyone has a Happy Mother’s Day!!!


6 May

His future… He’s got this! (Courtesy:


Jay:  Teacher do you think I will be a inventor?
Me:  Sure Sugar-bee. You can be AN inventor. You can be whatever you want to be:)
Jay:  Good. Then I will invent something fantastical! (so serious about that word)
Me:  With that creativty I’m sure you will!!

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

They’re Always Watching… O.o

2 May
obama fist bump

Maybe THIS is what he was doing? (Courtesy:

Male Student:  Professor can I take a photo with you?
Me:  Sure!
Female Student:  No professor! He’s a dirty man.
Me:  Huh?
Female Student:  He has many pictures of you, you were eating lunch.
Me:  O_O


Submitted by:  Ambitious Educator

From now on…we recommend that teachers slowly walk away from their students (while watching them) when they have food.  This way you won’t alarm them, and can catch them in the act if they try to take a picture.

You got this Teach… (Courtesy: