Serious Conversations

13 Jan

Occasionally, other ESL teachers will share their stories here as well.  We are all in this together!


Passed out chocolates and small gifts to staff and students around school for Valentine’s Day.

The majority response:
Students: “Teacher, chocolate? Valentine’s Day? Give me. Thank
you. I love you”
Male Staff: *eyes wide* “Ummmm…thank you? But…..”
Female Staff: *shock/scared* “What?!?!? For me? But I am a

Ahhh the differences of culture. (^///.///^)~*tehe

Submitted by:  Katt Teacher Elem Daegu

#2 We can explain our Johnsons, but not our homework:
Me: (notices a small group not paying attention) IH, stand up and make a suggestion sentence.
IH: 0.0 Uh, I can’t. (asks friends for advice in Korean)
DJ: Teacher! He can’t! He can’t!
DW: His Johnson’s too big! (some laughter)

Me=(cuttin’ eyes, I started to walk towards the back but a few more students pleaded for him laughing and all mentioning his “Johnson” and I decided to not to continue for the sake of my own “face”. He had his hands covering his front the whole time and seemed really concerned.)
CoTeacher= Standing at the front with an expressionless smile. I’m guessing she didn’t want to deal with it either.

Submitted by:  Miss Always Shock-ed (Jamasian)

My student in the cafeteria: Teacher!!! You’re here! What happened???
(I was sick and didn’t go to teach for the first time yesterday)
Me: Yesterday? … I died…
Student: No!!! Don’t say that teacher, that would be too sad!
Me: Okay okay
Student: Teacher, I need to interview an American. Could I interview you for my other class?
Me: Sure.
Student: When?
Me: After class our class.
Student: OK! GREAT!
Student doesn’t even show up to class… -_-

Arrived to class 10 minutes early. Find 2-3 of my students sleeping.
Another student walks in.
Student: What happened here?
Me: I don’t know! I didn’t do it!!! 😛

Student half sleeping: Teacher, could you repeat that again? I didn’t understand because I am still sleeping.
( I would mark him as bad attendance but at least he was honest, and this was the first time and he pulled an all-nighter to finish studying for 3 tests today.)

Submitted by:  Amma

Basic Conversation Practice: (university)
Me: What is your hobby?
Student: I like singing songs.
Me: Ok. Who is your favorite singer?
Student: James Brown is my favorite singer because when I listen to him I feel what he feels.
Me: O_o – alright then!

I’m often surprised by replies – likes and dislikes

Submitted by:  Ms. Q  (Qiana)

A Typical Day With My Kiddies:
(this is why I have deep smile lines on my face^^)

Class one: My youngest doll, crawled into my lap, cupped my face in little hands, and then began trying to connect the moles around the sides of my eye. <– I couldn’t help but drfit back to Saturday afternoons sitting on the porch drinking sunmade tea, doing the same thing to my grandmother. Definitely made me call home!

C2: Reading “Yonder Mountain” allowed me to teach the 1st verse & chrous of “Going Up Yonder” (a gospel classic) to my class. My kids were singing it the rest of class and humming it in the hallway! Cute accents and all!

C3: “Teacher look at my cake!! (He drew on a piece of paper)
Me: Oh that’s nice!!
Min Seok: I’m going to make a wish!!!!!!! *blew as hard as he could!”
SPLAT! Spit RIGHT in my eye!!!!! 0.O *total silence in the class*
Me: But wait, why are YOU crying!? You’re embarrased, but I’m the one with your spit in my eye! LOL <—We all burst into laughter!

C4: Me: Hey Sugar Bees!! I missed you all, did you do anything fun this past weekend?
Jake: *waving his hand frantically for me to call on him* Teacha! Me! Me!
Me: Yes Jakie-Poo! What did you do this weekend?
Jake: I slept with Annie! (the girl in our class that he’s been crushing on since last summer)
Me: Oh… You did…. o.0
J: Yes! At her house. Teacher, it was really great! (a look of total satisfaction on his face)
Me: Annie, did you have fun too?
Anne: (looking really embarrased) Yes… It was really nice. Maybe we will again this weekend too if his mom says okay.
Me: If you guys were 19 instead of 9, I might feel totally different about this conversation!
Them: Huh?

C5: Okay, who wants to read their summary of why the Teddy Bear was named after President Teddy Roosevelt?
Mina: Me!, because he feed the bears.
Me: Ummm, read me what you have.
M: “Teddy Roosevelt was a nice man ith a kind mind. When he went into the forest he feed the bear. So, the toy maker made him a not real bear. Other people will feed other animals too.”
Me: Mina…, I don’t think President Roosevelt fed any bears. Read the second line outloud.
M: “When Teddy Roosevelt feed the bear…”
Me: Wait, (trying not to laugh at her, because she was SO serious) Mina, there is an “r” there. That word is “FREED”. He freed the bear. Like, he let caught the bear and then let him go FREE back into the wild; back to his home.
Mina: o.0 *Holding the book out & pullingit back up close to her face, as if she is an old woman in need of glasses* Is that why we don’t get food when we buy a Teddy Bear??
Me: *I laughed for a good whole minute!* Yes, because the people were happy that he FREED the bear. I think if he fed the bear, he would’ve been the meal!!

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

#1 It’s better than nothin’:
WS: Oh, I did my homework!
Me: Awesome. Bring it to me.
WS: Here, my name at bottom.
Me:…Why is your name at the bottom and why is it all crumpled? I want good clean, neat papers.
WS: Oh yes, but I think my homework is more important than clean paper.
Me: (couldn’t help but laugh because I taught them about how to tell their feelings on what’s important. He even said it perfectly.)

Submitted by: Miss Always Shock-ed  (Jamasian)

Yesterday, one student from a few sessions ago runs towards me with arms wide open:
Student: Teacher!!! So cute! I miss you!!!
I dodge his hug.
Him: Holds his hand out for a high-five.
Me: … Air-five?
Him: OK!
*Air fives*
Student walks away happy.

Submitted by:  Amma


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