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No Leg Work No Homework

30 Jul
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

It’s too painful. I can’t go on… (As seen on:

Me:  Angelina, did you do your homework?
A:  Sorry Teacher, but I didn’t do it.
Me:  And why didn’t you do it?
A:  Because my leg hurt.
Kevin:  Really! Really!? (something I say to them often)
Max: Your leg!? You see the lesson plans with your eyeballs.
Kevin: That’s right. Yes, and you write with your hand!

This is why I have laugh lines all over my face!

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha


Spaced Out

26 Jul
Star Wars boring intro text

Yea yea…whatever…you know what I mean… (Courtesy:

Me:  Kevin, where do comets come from?
Me:  Yes, dear. But where in space?
Kevin:  North. (with a straight face)
Me: ………-.-

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

Theoretical Barriers

22 Jul

Eh…if you can bust through something like this, was it ever really there? (As seen on:

Hilarious Kid Convo of the Day:

Maroo: (after moving him from the student he was taking an occasional glance at theory test sheet)

“Jollygoodness… there’s a barrier!”

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

What are some of your thoughts as to what this student was thinking?  Leave a comment below!

Separate But Unequal Meals

18 Jul
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

It’s just sooo close but still out of reach… (Courtesy:


Teaching my advanced Korean kiddies:

Student:  “Teacher, why do you eat in class and we can’t?”

Me:  “Umm, because I’m the teacher. Duh.”


Me:  “Wrong application of our new vocab word dude.”


Submitted by:  Baconator

Let me touch it, to see if it is real…

7 Jun


Student:  Teacha I’m done. *gets up and walks toward me with paper*
Me:  Ok, wait…where are you going…go sit back do..
Student: *now in my face* Teacha…can I touch? (referring to my braids)

*other students now look up from there work*

Me:*squints* Yeaaa…I guess
Student: *cautiously touches my braids and jumps* OMG! ITS REAL?!  Come see!
Me:  Wait! *other students all jump towards me and grab my hair*
Me:  Well I told y’all it was…

The things is…it’s not #ILetThemLive

Submitted by:  Carebear


23 Mar

A former life…
(Courtesy: tumblr)


Student: Teacha…why are your gums brown? Are they burnt?
Me: No, God wanted to them to match my skin color.
Student: Were you brown…like in baby?
Me: Nope, I transformed 2 years ago. I used to be a dinosaur.
Student: *makes shocked face* Ahhhhh! I know!
Me: *hangs head*



Submitted by:  Carebear

Dictating Diction

7 Mar
obama gifs

Aww, poor Obama…in the eyes of lil Asian students, he is on the path to becoming a Dictator…I guess this is only the beginning… (courtesy:

Me:  Please read your speech.

Student:  Hello everyone.  My name is Obama Barack…I mean Barack Obama.  I am…???…72 years old.  I go to White House…Washington.  Not school.  I will graduate in 2020…hmmm…no.  Never!  I like hamburgers.  I really like hamburgers!!!  If I had one million yen I would…buy people.  Someday I will be a…d…d…di…ummmm…a dictator!  Thank you.”

Me:  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! *crying*

Submitted by:  Katt Teacher Elem Daegu

Kicking It In Jail

19 Feb

Man, didn’t see that coming…

Student 1:  Stop kicking me!

Student 2:  Stop kicking me!

Me:  As soon as I turn my back you two get into it.  Stop it.

Student 1:  She kicked me first!

Me:  I said stop it!  Neither of you are innocent.

Student 3:  *raises hand* I am!  I don’t want to go to jail.


Submitted by:  Kim Possible

Objects on Teacher are Larger than Students Can Take

18 Jan

I'm  dead sexy - I'm  dead sexy  Fat Bastard

“*boys in the corner snickering*

Me:  Ok boys, open your books…
Kevin: Teacher this is you! *pointing to an insanely obese white man LITERALLY bursting out of his clothes*
Me: That’s not me. Is that what I look like to you?
Kevin: He is fat.
Me: Yes, I see that.
Kevin: You are fat… But only here *making giant air circles across his chest*

*all the boys begin to giggle in agreement*

Me:  You are absolutely correct. Now what is the closest planet to the sun?
Kevin:  I don’t know?
Me:  Because your book isn’t open! Open your book and leave that man alone! (meaning my boobs)”

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

Santa Has Stunt Doubles

1 Dec
Even Spiderman is shocked by the news...

Even Spiderman is shocked by the news…

Me:  Ar-ti-fi-ci-al…. Artificial. Everyone….

Class:  Artificial…

Me:  Good. Now what does this mean??
No one…
It means fake, not real, made up. Who can name something not real?
Santa Clause is artificial.

Kelly:  Then who brings the presents!!? *On the brink of tears, along with the other puzzled faces*

Me:  Well, not the Santa Clause you are thinking of… There’s another Santa that they use for movies. You know, that’s just an example of Santa. That’s not the actual guy. Like there are artificial Spidermen on tv, that’s not the actual Spider-Man from the movie….

Kelly:  Oh, oh yes. One real Santa but many artificials….

Me:  Exxxxaaaaactly…. NEXT WORD!!”


Submitted byAbataTeacha