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No Leg Work No Homework

30 Jul
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

It’s too painful. I can’t go on… (As seen on:

Me:  Angelina, did you do your homework?
A:  Sorry Teacher, but I didn’t do it.
Me:  And why didn’t you do it?
A:  Because my leg hurt.
Kevin:  Really! Really!? (something I say to them often)
Max: Your leg!? You see the lesson plans with your eyeballs.
Kevin: That’s right. Yes, and you write with your hand!

This is why I have laugh lines all over my face!

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha


Spaced Out

26 Jul
Star Wars boring intro text

Yea yea…whatever…you know what I mean… (Courtesy:

Me:  Kevin, where do comets come from?
Me:  Yes, dear. But where in space?
Kevin:  North. (with a straight face)
Me: ………-.-

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

Theoretical Barriers

22 Jul

Eh…if you can bust through something like this, was it ever really there? (As seen on:

Hilarious Kid Convo of the Day:

Maroo: (after moving him from the student he was taking an occasional glance at theory test sheet)

“Jollygoodness… there’s a barrier!”

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

What are some of your thoughts as to what this student was thinking?  Leave a comment below!

Separate But Unequal Meals

18 Jul
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

It’s just sooo close but still out of reach… (Courtesy:


Teaching my advanced Korean kiddies:

Student:  “Teacher, why do you eat in class and we can’t?”

Me:  “Umm, because I’m the teacher. Duh.”


Me:  “Wrong application of our new vocab word dude.”


Submitted by:  Baconator

Mirror, Mirror

14 Jul

Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror


(One of my Chinese students has mentioned before that he thinks I’m cute. Today, this is what happened)
Student:  “What’s this?”
Me: “Mirror”
Student: “Mirror. Ok. Tomorrow, you’re going to look at a mirror and say ‘Oh! SO beautiful. OK?”
Me: (-_-) …


Submitted by:  Amma

Master Builders at Work

11 Jun


Jay:  Teacher do you think I will be a inventor?
Me:  Sure Sugar-bee. You can be AN inventor. You can be whatever you want to be.  🙂
Jay:  Good. Then I will invent something fantastical! (so serious about that word)
Me:  With that creativity I’m sure you will!!

Submitted by:  Abata Teacha

Let me touch it, to see if it is real…

7 Jun


Student:  Teacha I’m done. *gets up and walks toward me with paper*
Me:  Ok, wait…where are you going…go sit back do..
Student: *now in my face* Teacha…can I touch? (referring to my braids)

*other students now look up from there work*

Me:*squints* Yeaaa…I guess
Student: *cautiously touches my braids and jumps* OMG! ITS REAL?!  Come see!
Me:  Wait! *other students all jump towards me and grab my hair*
Me:  Well I told y’all it was…

The things is…it’s not #ILetThemLive

Submitted by:  Carebear

Quiet Cooperation

3 Jun


My coworkers asks me which class I’m teaching this session. I tell her.  She tells me: “Good luck! That’s a troublesome group.”

After class, I noticed that the whole lesson went well. So, I ask the students about it.

Me: Thank you. You all did a great job today. That’s different than what a teacher told me. A coworker told me you were trouble and spoke too much Arabic in class. Do you know why?

Arab Student: *Happily and confidently* We’re good students! And, we didn’t speak Arabic last session teacher; we spoke FRENCH!

Me: (-_-) Sure….

Submitted by:  Amma


30 May


Me:  (To my second grade class)
*Points to a boy* “What’s your name?”
Boy:  “She…Shel… ummm… Sheldon.”
Me:  Okay, good.
*points to the girl next to him* “What’s your name?”
Girl:  Penny.
Boy and girl : O_o

Submitted by:  JoJo

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

26 May
rain animated GIF


(It’s raining like crazy)
Students:  Teacher! It’s barakah (blessing!) Isn’t it beautiful?
Me:  No!
Students:  What? Why?
Me:  Portland has too much barakah!
(students laugh)

Submitted by:  Amma