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They’re Always Watching… O.o

2 May
obama fist bump

Maybe THIS is what he was doing? (Courtesy:

Male Student:  Professor can I take a photo with you?
Me:  Sure!
Female Student:  No professor! He’s a dirty man.
Me:  Huh?
Female Student:  He has many pictures of you, you were eating lunch.
Me:  O_O


Submitted by:  Ambitious Educator

From now on…we recommend that teachers slowly walk away from their students (while watching them) when they have food.  This way you won’t alarm them, and can catch them in the act if they try to take a picture.

You got this Teach… (Courtesy:


Tardy Threats

27 Mar

Must make it to class…with a box of chocolates!!

Today a student of mine from U.A.E. calls me 2 minutes late for class.

He pleads ‘Teacher! Don’t count me as late because I bought cake for the entire class!’  Then, while distributing the cake, he gives me a piece of candy also.

To top it off, he tells me ‘Teacher, you better eat that candy.  Ok?  I got it for you.  SO you better eat it.’

HAHAHAHAHA Wow!  This is the first time that I’ve ever been threatened to eat candy!  😛

This had definitely been an interestingly funny day…

Submitted by:  Amma

ESL MD or PhD? O.o

3 Mar

Just 4 more days til Saturday…


I went to class with a white rain jacket on today.

What does my student say?

“Hey look!  The teacher is pretending to be a doctor today!”




Submitted by:  Amma

An Improper Proposition

27 Feb

What the whaa…?

While asking a student to read her made-up phone number written on her page, THIS happens:

Me:  EunJi, may I have your phone number?

EunJi:  Ok!  Sex-Sex-Sex, Free Sex Tonight!  Call me ok?

Me:  O.o  *a pause a little bit too long to be ok*  One more time?

EunJi’s partner:  She said 666-3629.

Me:  Oh,…okay!  Thank you EunJi!  Class, please practice saying your numbers to each other.  I will come around and check on your fluency.




Submitted by:  The Big Red Dog