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This Is Only A Test

23 Jul
Today, I gave my students a test.

Students:  I don’t know, from the look on your face, I think the test is difficult.

Me:  If you studied, it’s easy. If you didn’t, it’s hard.

Student:  That’s what all teachers say to give us false hope.

Me:  …  -_-  …
Submitted by:  Amma

Random Routines

4 Dec

Test Question:  “What does your daily routine look like?”

I thought this was a pretty straightforward question.  I mean after all, I taught them that daily=every day and routine=what you usually do, so I figured this question would mean “What do you usually do every day?”  Simple enough right?  Nope.

Student 1:  He looks forward to the sale dates of when the new J’s (Michael Jordan shoes) drop. He wants me to go to the Nike store with him next time. I just pictured a whole bunch of Black people camped outside the store…and my student.

Student 2:  “I look like a book.” O.o  I’m not sure if this is some deep metaphor or just a confused student’s answer.

Student 3:  “I don’t know because I’m busy days.”  Soooo, if you’re busy, wouldn’t that mean you have PLENTY of things you can tell me you do daily?

Student 4:  “I usually wake up at 7:30 in the morning and smoke right away.”  WOW…two things made me chuckle at this:

1–I immediately pictured my student smoking something illegal, and

2–I thought of him waking up scratching and shaking til he smokes.

Student 5: My daily routine look like monkey, because I like play anythings.”  I guess she took the “look like” part of the question literally, too.

Student 6:  She eats chicken everyday because chicken is delicious & she was born in the year of the chicken (Chinese sign). Well alright! I’m year of the tiger & my dad is year of the rat…glad we don’t have to eat our signs.  O.o