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Mirror, Mirror

14 Jul

Julia Roberts in Mirror Mirror


(One of my Chinese students has mentioned before that he thinks I’m cute. Today, this is what happened)
Student:  “What’s this?”
Me: “Mirror”
Student: “Mirror. Ok. Tomorrow, you’re going to look at a mirror and say ‘Oh! SO beautiful. OK?”
Me: (-_-) …


Submitted by:  Amma


Let me touch it, to see if it is real…

7 Jun

(Courtesy: ammamama.wordpress.com)

Student:  Teacha I’m done. *gets up and walks toward me with paper*
Me:  Ok, wait…where are you going…go sit back do..
Student: *now in my face* Teacha…can I touch? (referring to my braids)

*other students now look up from there work*

Me:*squints* Yeaaa…I guess
Student: *cautiously touches my braids and jumps* OMG! ITS REAL?!  Come see!
Me:  Wait! *other students all jump towards me and grab my hair*
Me:  Well I told y’all it was…

The things is…it’s not #ILetThemLive

Submitted by:  Carebear

They’re Always Watching… O.o

2 May
obama fist bump

Maybe THIS is what he was doing? (Courtesy: huffingtonpost.com)

Male Student:  Professor can I take a photo with you?
Me:  Sure!
Female Student:  No professor! He’s a dirty man.
Me:  Huh?
Female Student:  He has many pictures of you, you were eating lunch.
Me:  O_O


Submitted by:  Ambitious Educator

From now on…we recommend that teachers slowly walk away from their students (while watching them) when they have food.  This way you won’t alarm them, and can catch them in the act if they try to take a picture.

You got this Teach… (Courtesy: multitudeofgifs.com)

Purely Tainted

28 Apr

Yea…my girls definitely caught me off guard with that one…
(Courtesy: twistedsifter.com)


Student 1:  “I like pure guys…because that is very good.”

Student 2:  “Oh!  You are not pure?!”

Student 1:  “NO! hahahaha”

Me:  *awkwardly laughs and slowly walks away*

Getting to Know TMI

12 Apr

heheheheh you done? Me too. Great…
(Courtesy: mrwgifs.com)

Him:  Can I come to your office now to “Chit Chat”? (a 5-minute conversation assignment)
Me:  You don’t need to.  You were my student last semester and we talk all the time.  I know your level.  But, you can if you want.
Him:  I want to.  Right now.  Maybe we can get to know each other better.
Me:  O.o  Ok, but quickly.  (I realize now that this comment just made this whole conversation sooo much worse.)
His conversation lasted for TWENTY MINUTES.  -_-

It’s Just Me and You

4 Apr

Dr. Evil Right


One of my students tried to keep that he had a girlfriend from me for a while…even though they sat next to each other in my class all of a sudden.


When I got ready to leave that job, he insisted that we go grab lunch so I could say bye to everyone.  No one showed up but him.  He had me to “FaceTime” his girlfriend to prove that we were not on a date.


Later, he tells me they are no longer together.  In the same conversation, he says I am beautiful and he misses me.  Then he starts texting me on a regular basis about any and everything…





Sausage Fest

15 Mar

Student 1: We’ll have a sausage party.
Student 2: What did you say?
Student 1: A sausage party. Would you like to come?
Student 2: Of course!

Laughing to myself!

Submitted by:  Dropdeadbarbi

Porno of the Past

11 Mar

(courtesy: mrwgifs.com)



Me:  Can anyone think of a conditional sentence using the simple past and an emotion?


Student:  When my brother deleted my porno I was upset.


Submitted by:  Ambitious Educator

What do you say behind that?!

An Improper Proposition

27 Feb

What the whaa…?
(Courtesy: twistedsifter.com)

While asking a student to read her made-up phone number written on her page, THIS happens:

Me:  EunJi, may I have your phone number?

EunJi:  Ok!  Sex-Sex-Sex, Free Sex Tonight!  Call me ok?

Me:  O.o  *a pause a little bit too long to be ok*  One more time?

EunJi’s partner:  She said 666-3629.

Me:  Oh,…okay!  Thank you EunJi!  Class, please practice saying your numbers to each other.  I will come around and check on your fluency.




Submitted by:  The Big Red Dog

Color-coded Conspiracies

23 Feb

As teachers, what we wear has a huge impact on our students…
(Courtesy: twistedsifter.com)

“So, today we got a new schedule change for the whole of next week to make up for the snow days. 😦

I gave it to my students and they told me ‘Teacher, this is a conspiracy.  You did this to us, didn’t you?’

Me:  No, I just got it today too.  I don’t like it much either.

Students:  That’s a lie.  Look, the paper is blue and your hijab is blue today too.  This proves that you planned it.

Me:  (O-O)…What the…(-_-)…..

(My students are definitely special.)

Submitted by:  Amma