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Separate But Unequal Meals

18 Jul
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

It’s just sooo close but still out of reach… (Courtesy: http://www.buzzfeed.com)


Teaching my advanced Korean kiddies:

Student:  “Teacher, why do you eat in class and we can’t?”

Me:  “Umm, because I’m the teacher. Duh.”


Me:  “Wrong application of our new vocab word dude.”


Submitted by:  Baconator


Let me touch it, to see if it is real…

7 Jun

(Courtesy: ammamama.wordpress.com)

Student:  Teacha I’m done. *gets up and walks toward me with paper*
Me:  Ok, wait…where are you going…go sit back do..
Student: *now in my face* Teacha…can I touch? (referring to my braids)

*other students now look up from there work*

Me:*squints* Yeaaa…I guess
Student: *cautiously touches my braids and jumps* OMG! ITS REAL?!  Come see!
Me:  Wait! *other students all jump towards me and grab my hair*
Me:  Well I told y’all it was…

The things is…it’s not #ILetThemLive

Submitted by:  Carebear

Quiet Cooperation

3 Jun



My coworkers asks me which class I’m teaching this session. I tell her.  She tells me: “Good luck! That’s a troublesome group.”

After class, I noticed that the whole lesson went well. So, I ask the students about it.

Me: Thank you. You all did a great job today. That’s different than what a teacher told me. A coworker told me you were trouble and spoke too much Arabic in class. Do you know why?

Arab Student: *Happily and confidently* We’re good students! And, we didn’t speak Arabic last session teacher; we spoke FRENCH!

Me: (-_-) Sure….

Submitted by:  Amma

Cirumventing Circumstances

14 May
bill murray, lost in translation, scarlett johansson, text

There there… (Courtesy: favim.com)

One of my students decided to come speak with me after class to express his frustrations with the English language and the need to speak it.  He said he feels so much pressure to speak and foreigners make him nervous.  He also said his English is not very good, and he wishes he didn’t have to speak to anyone in English, especially native speakers.

Is anyone else besides me wondering why we are having this conversation then?  Let’s see:

Am I a foreigner?


Am I a native speaker?


Is he speaking to the aforementioned?


Is he speaking in English?


Is his English pretty good?


I’m not sure what response he was looking for from me.  Was I to say I don’t understand him?  Or maybe tell him his English sucks?  I got nothin’…

I just sat there and let him finish, then told him his English was great and I (as the foreigner/native speaker) understood everything he was saying and I’ll see him next week.

Him:  Ok thanks Professor; see you later.  Have a nice day.

Me: *sighs & shrugs*

I Wonder…

10 May

wonder twins

A couple showed up in “couples’ outfits” today…I don’t know why I immediately thought “Wonder Twin Power ACTIVATE!”

I hope everyone has a Happy Mother’s Day!!!

They’re Always Watching… O.o

2 May
obama fist bump

Maybe THIS is what he was doing? (Courtesy: huffingtonpost.com)

Male Student:  Professor can I take a photo with you?
Me:  Sure!
Female Student:  No professor! He’s a dirty man.
Me:  Huh?
Female Student:  He has many pictures of you, you were eating lunch.
Me:  O_O


Submitted by:  Ambitious Educator

From now on…we recommend that teachers slowly walk away from their students (while watching them) when they have food.  This way you won’t alarm them, and can catch them in the act if they try to take a picture.

You got this Teach… (Courtesy: multitudeofgifs.com)

We Sing Because We’re Happy…

24 Apr

“Because I’m HAPPYYYYYY….” (Courtesy: imcoffeeprincess.tumblr.com)


(For some reason, my Arab students are always singing in my class)

Me: Why are you singing in my class?

Students: Because we’re happy!

Me: (-_-)

Students: *continue* And, since we know that you understand, when you hear us being happy, it will make you happy!

Me: (0-0) That’s… good… I guess…

Submitted by:  Amma

Love is Fleeting

20 Apr
Puppy Eyes - 1920x1200

How can you not fall for those eyes!? (Courtesy: wallpapersdb.org)

When I asked one of my students if he had any final questions after he finished his final exam he blurted out “I love you” and looked at me with sad puppy eyes before storming out of the room, never to return to my life again.

Le Sigh..

Getting to Know TMI

12 Apr

heheheheh you done? Me too. Great…
(Courtesy: mrwgifs.com)

Him:  Can I come to your office now to “Chit Chat”? (a 5-minute conversation assignment)
Me:  You don’t need to.  You were my student last semester and we talk all the time.  I know your level.  But, you can if you want.
Him:  I want to.  Right now.  Maybe we can get to know each other better.
Me:  O.o  Ok, but quickly.  (I realize now that this comment just made this whole conversation sooo much worse.)
His conversation lasted for TWENTY MINUTES.  -_-

Tardy Threats

27 Mar

Must make it to class…with a box of chocolates!!
(Courtesy: mrwgifs.com)

Today a student of mine from U.A.E. calls me 2 minutes late for class.

He pleads ‘Teacher! Don’t count me as late because I bought cake for the entire class!’  Then, while distributing the cake, he gives me a piece of candy also.

To top it off, he tells me ‘Teacher, you better eat that candy.  Ok?  I got it for you.  SO you better eat it.’

HAHAHAHAHA Wow!  This is the first time that I’ve ever been threatened to eat candy!  😛

This had definitely been an interestingly funny day…

Submitted by:  Amma