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I Wonder…

10 May

wonder twins

A couple showed up in “couples’ outfits” today…I don’t know why I immediately thought “Wonder Twin Power ACTIVATE!”

I hope everyone has a Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Purely Tainted

28 Apr

Yea…my girls definitely caught me off guard with that one…
(Courtesy: twistedsifter.com)


Student 1:  “I like pure guys…because that is very good.”

Student 2:  “Oh!  You are not pure?!”

Student 1:  “NO! hahahaha”

Me:  *awkwardly laughs and slowly walks away*

It’s Just Me and You

4 Apr

Dr. Evil Right


One of my students tried to keep that he had a girlfriend from me for a while…even though they sat next to each other in my class all of a sudden.


When I got ready to leave that job, he insisted that we go grab lunch so I could say bye to everyone.  No one showed up but him.  He had me to “FaceTime” his girlfriend to prove that we were not on a date.


Later, he tells me they are no longer together.  In the same conversation, he says I am beautiful and he misses me.  Then he starts texting me on a regular basis about any and everything…





Didn’t See THAT Coming…

26 Jan

(Courtesy: twistedsifter.wordpress.com)


I was having a conversation with two of my guy students…you know…just checking up on them as a good teacher should.


Guy 1:  I have a girlfriend now.

Me:  Oh yea that’s great.  Congrats!

Guy 1:  Thanks.  Now it’s your turn.

Guy 2: *shifting and looking uncomfortable*

Me:  Oh well I…

Guy 1:  *looking at Guy 2*  Dude what’s your problem?!

Guy 2:  I don’t like to share what is mine.  I’m very territorial.

Guy 1:  *Looking at me then at Guy 2 then me again*  Dude you can’t be territorial of something that isn’t yours.

Me:  *Sitting with a puzzled look…mind BLOWN*

Guy 2:  Don’t you see me trying to flirt here?

Guy 1 & Me:  WOW.

Me:  It’s time for you all to go.

Guy 1:  Good idea.

Panty Raid

10 Jan
Me: What colour do you like to wear?
Male student: Red… Clothes… Under…
Me: Underwear?
MS: Yes! I like red underwear!
Female student: Can I check?
Me: NOT IN CLASS!!(-_(\

Submitted by:  The White Tiger


Rules of Engagement

15 Nov

This might’ve been something like my reaction…


Test Question:  Basically, I asked them to tell me a story.

Student 1:   Was describing his fondest travel memory and wrote “It’s too long to describe in here. I wish I can talk to you later in cafe or somewhere else. Can I get your phone number? I want to hear your story too!”

Student 2:   She was dating a guy in the US Army and everything was “lovely for 3 months.” Next thing she knew he said his ex-girlfriend was pregnant so they broke up. SMH

See, it’s because of smooth talkers like Student 1 that those like Student 2 get hurt!

On Bended Knee

10 Oct


I felt so bad for the little stick man, didn’t you?!

Beat, Greet, or Eat It?

28 Sep


I’d love for you to fill in your own captions here, particularly for that last frame.

Sooo…is the carrot deciding to be eaten or is the rabbit now in love with it or…geesh I give up.

Times like these I’m sure educators all over the world grant high grades because they don’t want to admit they are confused.  Good thing this was just a participation assignment.

Parental Discretion Advised

20 Sep

If the dead can kiss their girlfriends, then maybe the living, married couples stand a chance.


I am sometimes surprised by the questions that my preschoolers ask me.

Preschooler: “Teacher, when people get married, is it okay for the boy to kiss on the mouth?”

Me: (0o0) “!!!” … “Go ask your parents…”

Phew! Dodged that one!

Submitted by:  Amma

stewie love me

Sometimes it starts early…

For the Birds

12 Aug



What can I say…ish happens. *shrugs*