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No Leg Work No Homework

30 Jul
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

It’s too painful. I can’t go on… (As seen on: http://www.buzzfeed.com)

Me:  Angelina, did you do your homework?
A:  Sorry Teacher, but I didn’t do it.
Me:  And why didn’t you do it?
A:  Because my leg hurt.
Kevin:  Really! Really!? (something I say to them often)
Max: Your leg!? You see the lesson plans with your eyeballs.
Kevin: That’s right. Yes, and you write with your hand!

This is why I have laugh lines all over my face!

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha


*Cough Cough* But Coffee!

18 May
coffee animated GIF

Ah the power of a caffeine fix… (Courtesy: giphy.com)


My school has a policy that if students come 1-10mins late, it’s late; 10min+ is absent.  A few of my computer class students came almost 20min late for the first time.

They walk in smiling in a hurry.

Students:  Hi Teacher. Good morning Teacher!
Me: … =_= mmmhmmmm.
Students:  Teacher Teacher Teacher, before you say anything, let us explain.
Me:  mhmmm.
Students:  Teacher, we were a little bit late because we were really tired. Very very veeeery tired.
Me:  …. Mhmm…
Students:  So, we had to go get coffee.
Me:  Oh, that’s good because there’s coffee right next door in the library  …
Students:  No, teacher. That coffee is really bad, it’s terrible!!!
Me:  Nope, not an excuse for being late.
Students:  Teeeeeaaaacher!!!

Ah, the fun and joy my students give me.

Submitted by:  Amma

Cirumventing Circumstances

14 May
bill murray, lost in translation, scarlett johansson, text

There there… (Courtesy: favim.com)

One of my students decided to come speak with me after class to express his frustrations with the English language and the need to speak it.  He said he feels so much pressure to speak and foreigners make him nervous.  He also said his English is not very good, and he wishes he didn’t have to speak to anyone in English, especially native speakers.

Is anyone else besides me wondering why we are having this conversation then?  Let’s see:

Am I a foreigner?


Am I a native speaker?


Is he speaking to the aforementioned?


Is he speaking in English?


Is his English pretty good?


I’m not sure what response he was looking for from me.  Was I to say I don’t understand him?  Or maybe tell him his English sucks?  I got nothin’…

I just sat there and let him finish, then told him his English was great and I (as the foreigner/native speaker) understood everything he was saying and I’ll see him next week.

Him:  Ok thanks Professor; see you later.  Have a nice day.

Me: *sighs & shrugs*

Tardy Threats

27 Mar

Must make it to class…with a box of chocolates!!
(Courtesy: mrwgifs.com)

Today a student of mine from U.A.E. calls me 2 minutes late for class.

He pleads ‘Teacher! Don’t count me as late because I bought cake for the entire class!’  Then, while distributing the cake, he gives me a piece of candy also.

To top it off, he tells me ‘Teacher, you better eat that candy.  Ok?  I got it for you.  SO you better eat it.’

HAHAHAHAHA Wow!  This is the first time that I’ve ever been threatened to eat candy!  😛

This had definitely been an interestingly funny day…

Submitted by:  Amma

Easy is the Best

19 Mar

Nice try, I’m not that kind of teacher…
(courtesy: mrwgifs.com)


Student: “Teacher! Make the quiz easy! You know, you’re the best teacher ever!!!”

Me: “Brown-nosing gets you nowhere.”

Student: *In a serious tone* “Aw man! I thought it would work!”


Submitted by:  Amma

Color-coded Conspiracies

23 Feb

As teachers, what we wear has a huge impact on our students…
(Courtesy: twistedsifter.com)

“So, today we got a new schedule change for the whole of next week to make up for the snow days. 😦

I gave it to my students and they told me ‘Teacher, this is a conspiracy.  You did this to us, didn’t you?’

Me:  No, I just got it today too.  I don’t like it much either.

Students:  That’s a lie.  Look, the paper is blue and your hijab is blue today too.  This proves that you planned it.

Me:  (O-O)…What the…(-_-)…..

(My students are definitely special.)

Submitted by:  Amma

“You’re killing me!”

6 Oct

I give my students one page of homework.

ESL students:   No! Teacher, you’re killing us!!!

Me:   Well, that’s too bad, the feeling is mutual…

Submitted by:  Amma

Love Taps

24 Sep
Things my students say (on love):
“Sometimes a teacher hit you and you probably think that they hate you but it is hit of love.”

–Submitted by:  Becky-saem

(This blog does not condone abuse in any form, nor do we believe this student should encourage others to accept abuse.  This teacher addressed this situation immediately after the comment.)

She Understands Me…Really.

1 Sep

Yesterday, in class, I asked the students to give some answers from the unit we had just completed last week:

Student:  Teacher, I’m not sure the right answer exactly.
Me:  Just do your best.
Student (in Arabic):  Wallah (By God), I didn’t study.
Other students (in Arabic):  YOU IDIOT! SHE UNDERSTANDS ARABIC!!!
Student:  Teacher, you do?
Me:  Yes, 100%
Student:  Oops… heheheh *nervous laughter* Teacher, I didn’t have time!
Me:  You had 3 days.
Student:  *BIG SMILE*

Submitted by:  Amma

Testing The Teacher

24 Aug
(I hand the tests to my students)

Student 2:  Me too! I was sick!
Student 3:  I am sick today.
3 more students:  Me too!
Student 7:  I am going to get sick tomorrow from this test.
Other students:  Me too!!!
Me:  OMG, you guys, you had a few days to study for this! I’m pretty sure I wasn’t teaching grade school…
(Later)Student:  Can I use a dictionary?
Student:  Can you tell me the meaning in Arabic?
Me: This is a test…
Submitted by:  Amma