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Separate But Unequal Meals

18 Jul
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

It’s just sooo close but still out of reach… (Courtesy: http://www.buzzfeed.com)


Teaching my advanced Korean kiddies:

Student:  “Teacher, why do you eat in class and we can’t?”

Me:  “Umm, because I’m the teacher. Duh.”


Me:  “Wrong application of our new vocab word dude.”


Submitted by:  Baconator



30 May

(Courtesy: tumblr.com)

Me:  (To my second grade class)
*Points to a boy* “What’s your name?”
Boy:  “She…Shel… ummm… Sheldon.”
Me:  Okay, good.
*points to the girl next to him* “What’s your name?”
Girl:  Penny.
Boy and girl : O_o

Submitted by:  JoJo

Rain, Rain, Go Away…

26 May
rain animated GIF

(Courtesy: giphy.com)

(It’s raining like crazy)
Students:  Teacher! It’s barakah (blessing!) Isn’t it beautiful?
Me:  No!
Students:  What? Why?
Me:  Portland has too much barakah!
(students laugh)

Submitted by:  Amma

“Uh, yeah…”

22 May
Office Party

(Courtesy: thefw.com)

“Spain, United States, & United States Kingdom all are English language,…but Japan, China, and Korea is one country.
I’m not even going to touch this one; everyone make your own commentary.


6 May

His future… He’s got this! (Courtesy: Mashable.com)


Jay:  Teacher do you think I will be a inventor?
Me:  Sure Sugar-bee. You can be AN inventor. You can be whatever you want to be:)
Jay:  Good. Then I will invent something fantastical! (so serious about that word)
Me:  With that creativty I’m sure you will!!

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

Love is Fleeting

20 Apr
Puppy Eyes - 1920x1200

How can you not fall for those eyes!? (Courtesy: wallpapersdb.org)

When I asked one of my students if he had any final questions after he finished his final exam he blurted out “I love you” and looked at me with sad puppy eyes before storming out of the room, never to return to my life again.

Le Sigh..

It’s Just Me and You

4 Apr

Dr. Evil Right


One of my students tried to keep that he had a girlfriend from me for a while…even though they sat next to each other in my class all of a sudden.


When I got ready to leave that job, he insisted that we go grab lunch so I could say bye to everyone.  No one showed up but him.  He had me to “FaceTime” his girlfriend to prove that we were not on a date.


Later, he tells me they are no longer together.  In the same conversation, he says I am beautiful and he misses me.  Then he starts texting me on a regular basis about any and everything…





Test Services

31 Mar

How many points did I give their answers you ask? Hmm…
(Courtesy: twistedsifter.com)


While I was grading midterms, a few of my students decided to tell me about their skills.

One guy volunteered to teach me Microsoft Excel.  He’s my age too…if he was American, I’d think he was trying to be slick.
One girl offered to teach me the piano and invited me to her next recital so I could basically audition her as my instructor.


Lesson here?  The more tests this foreign professor gives out, the more free services she will get!

Easy is the Best

19 Mar

Nice try, I’m not that kind of teacher…
(courtesy: mrwgifs.com)


Student: “Teacher! Make the quiz easy! You know, you’re the best teacher ever!!!”

Me: “Brown-nosing gets you nowhere.”

Student: *In a serious tone* “Aw man! I thought it would work!”


Submitted by:  Amma

Dictating Diction

7 Mar
obama gifs

Aww, poor Obama…in the eyes of lil Asian students, he is on the path to becoming a Dictator…I guess this is only the beginning… (courtesy: huffingtonpost.com)

Me:  Please read your speech.

Student:  Hello everyone.  My name is Obama Barack…I mean Barack Obama.  I am…???…72 years old.  I go to White House…Washington.  Not school.  I will graduate in 2020…hmmm…no.  Never!  I like hamburgers.  I really like hamburgers!!!  If I had one million yen I would…buy people.  Someday I will be a…d…d…di…ummmm…a dictator!  Thank you.”

Me:  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! *crying*

Submitted by:  Katt Teacher Elem Daegu