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Spaced Out

26 Jul
Star Wars boring intro text

Yea yea…whatever…you know what I mean… (Courtesy: drawception.com)

Me:  Kevin, where do comets come from?
Me:  Yes, dear. But where in space?
Kevin:  North. (with a straight face)
Me: ………-.-

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha


Theoretical Barriers

22 Jul

Eh…if you can bust through something like this, was it ever really there? (As seen on: boogaj.com)

Hilarious Kid Convo of the Day:

Maroo: (after moving him from the student he was taking an occasional glance at theory test sheet)

“Jollygoodness… there’s a barrier!”

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha

What are some of your thoughts as to what this student was thinking?  Leave a comment below!


15 Jun
Fill in the Blanks - Image

(Courtesy: jokeroo.com)


Several students left fill-in-the-blank questions (w/word bank provided) BLANK and/or wrote their own answers…


I’m not really sure where to go from here…

Quiet Cooperation

3 Jun



My coworkers asks me which class I’m teaching this session. I tell her.  She tells me: “Good luck! That’s a troublesome group.”

After class, I noticed that the whole lesson went well. So, I ask the students about it.

Me: Thank you. You all did a great job today. That’s different than what a teacher told me. A coworker told me you were trouble and spoke too much Arabic in class. Do you know why?

Arab Student: *Happily and confidently* We’re good students! And, we didn’t speak Arabic last session teacher; we spoke FRENCH!

Me: (-_-) Sure….

Submitted by:  Amma

Cirumventing Circumstances

14 May
bill murray, lost in translation, scarlett johansson, text

There there… (Courtesy: favim.com)

One of my students decided to come speak with me after class to express his frustrations with the English language and the need to speak it.  He said he feels so much pressure to speak and foreigners make him nervous.  He also said his English is not very good, and he wishes he didn’t have to speak to anyone in English, especially native speakers.

Is anyone else besides me wondering why we are having this conversation then?  Let’s see:

Am I a foreigner?


Am I a native speaker?


Is he speaking to the aforementioned?


Is he speaking in English?


Is his English pretty good?


I’m not sure what response he was looking for from me.  Was I to say I don’t understand him?  Or maybe tell him his English sucks?  I got nothin’…

I just sat there and let him finish, then told him his English was great and I (as the foreigner/native speaker) understood everything he was saying and I’ll see him next week.

Him:  Ok thanks Professor; see you later.  Have a nice day.

Me: *sighs & shrugs*

Sausage Fest

15 Mar

Student 1: We’ll have a sausage party.
Student 2: What did you say?
Student 1: A sausage party. Would you like to come?
Student 2: Of course!

Laughing to myself!

Submitted by:  Dropdeadbarbi

An Improper Proposition

27 Feb

What the whaa…?
(Courtesy: twistedsifter.com)

While asking a student to read her made-up phone number written on her page, THIS happens:

Me:  EunJi, may I have your phone number?

EunJi:  Ok!  Sex-Sex-Sex, Free Sex Tonight!  Call me ok?

Me:  O.o  *a pause a little bit too long to be ok*  One more time?

EunJi’s partner:  She said 666-3629.

Me:  Oh,…okay!  Thank you EunJi!  Class, please practice saying your numbers to each other.  I will come around and check on your fluency.




Submitted by:  The Big Red Dog

Mosquito Serenades

2 Jan


I don’t think when Ne-Yo wrote the song “So Sick” that he had this scenario in mind.  But hey, artistic interpretation right?

Presenting: AWESOMENESS!

21 Dec

Student 1: How are you going to do your presentation?

Student 2: Easy! I’ma go and come back awesome!!!


Submitted by:  Amma

Gimme Some!!!

13 Dec

(Courtesy: twistedsifter.wordpress.com)


(I see my students talking to each other and arguing over something)
Student 1:  Ask the teacher!
Student 2: No!
Student 1: Yes!
Student 2: Teacher what does this word mean?
(I answer)
Student 1: *proudly* I TOLD YOU!!!


Submitted by:  Amma