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No Leg Work No Homework

30 Jul
31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

It’s too painful. I can’t go on… (As seen on: http://www.buzzfeed.com)

Me:  Angelina, did you do your homework?
A:  Sorry Teacher, but I didn’t do it.
Me:  And why didn’t you do it?
A:  Because my leg hurt.
Kevin:  Really! Really!? (something I say to them often)
Max: Your leg!? You see the lesson plans with your eyeballs.
Kevin: That’s right. Yes, and you write with your hand!

This is why I have laugh lines all over my face!

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha


Spaced Out

26 Jul
Star Wars boring intro text

Yea yea…whatever…you know what I mean… (Courtesy: drawception.com)

Me:  Kevin, where do comets come from?
Me:  Yes, dear. But where in space?
Kevin:  North. (with a straight face)
Me: ………-.-

Submitted by:  AbataTeacha


15 Jun
Fill in the Blanks - Image

(Courtesy: jokeroo.com)


Several students left fill-in-the-blank questions (w/word bank provided) BLANK and/or wrote their own answers…


I’m not really sure where to go from here…

We Sing Because We’re Happy…

24 Apr

“Because I’m HAPPYYYYYY….” (Courtesy: imcoffeeprincess.tumblr.com)


(For some reason, my Arab students are always singing in my class)

Me: Why are you singing in my class?

Students: Because we’re happy!

Me: (-_-)

Students: *continue* And, since we know that you understand, when you hear us being happy, it will make you happy!

Me: (0-0) That’s… good… I guess…

Submitted by:  Amma

Dictating Diction

7 Mar
obama gifs

Aww, poor Obama…in the eyes of lil Asian students, he is on the path to becoming a Dictator…I guess this is only the beginning… (courtesy: huffingtonpost.com)

Me:  Please read your speech.

Student:  Hello everyone.  My name is Obama Barack…I mean Barack Obama.  I am…???…72 years old.  I go to White House…Washington.  Not school.  I will graduate in 2020…hmmm…no.  Never!  I like hamburgers.  I really like hamburgers!!!  If I had one million yen I would…buy people.  Someday I will be a…d…d…di…ummmm…a dictator!  Thank you.”

Me:  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! *crying*

Submitted by:  Katt Teacher Elem Daegu

ESL MD or PhD? O.o

3 Mar

Just 4 more days til Saturday…
(courtesy: twistedsifter.com)


I went to class with a white rain jacket on today.

What does my student say?

“Hey look!  The teacher is pretending to be a doctor today!”




Submitted by:  Amma

Mosquito Serenades

2 Jan


I don’t think when Ne-Yo wrote the song “So Sick” that he had this scenario in mind.  But hey, artistic interpretation right?

Presenting: AWESOMENESS!

21 Dec

Student 1: How are you going to do your presentation?

Student 2: Easy! I’ma go and come back awesome!!!


Submitted by:  Amma

Diamonds Are Forever, Almonds Are Not

9 Dec


Well there ya have it–the mystery has been solved.  This is right up there with where babies come from.

The Key to Kissing

14 Oct



BONUSCo-Teacher Interaction…the students aren’t the only ones with whom we find ourselves lost in translation.

My friend (MF):  Co-Teacher, keys please.

(She sometimes borrow her keys to unlock the copy room)

Co-Teacher:  Kiss?
MF:  No, keys.
Co-Teacher:  Kiss?
MF:  OK. Kiss. (Points to cheek).
Co-Teacher:  Oh! Here are the keys.
MF:  Aw. No kiss?

Co-Teacher:  I gave you the keys.
-Submitted byKatt Teacher Elem Daegu